Allow Scrank to Market Your Web Site
Scrank, Inc. offers the best marketing strategies available anywhere.

Marketing Package Items
Mix and match them to create a package that suites your company needs

Item 1
Site Submissions
Submit your site to over 676,400 search engines.
Includes 30 minute personal telephone consultation with your personal Marketing Representative.
Item 2
Optimize Source Codes
Optimize your source codes for
spiders and bots.

They come from search engines to inspect your web pages. Includes 30 minute personal telephone consultation with your personal Marketing Representative.
Item 3
Rank in a #1 position.

We Get your web site to #1 on
Yahoo!, Netscape, AltaVista, Lycos, HotBot, Search Panel, Infospace, Dogpile, CNET and 1,000s more!
Reach 80% of all active Internet users

(This does not include Google).

Item 4
Rank in a #1 position
on Google,

Get in a #1 ranking position on
The #1 search engine out there!

Item 5
Link Exchanging
Start a link exchange program
between your site and many others Online.


Packages Combinations:
Item 1 - $350
Item 2 - $149 plus $49 per page.
Item 1 and 2 - $500 (includes 1 page optimized)
plus $49 per page
Item 1, 2 and 3 - $999 (max hours 10)
Item 3 - $600 (max hours 6)
Item 3 and 4 - $999 (max hours 10)
Item 4 - $600 (max hours 6)
Item 5 - Hourly $99 per/hr.
Item 1, 2, 3, and 4 - $1499 (max hours 15)

Prices are subject to change without notice.


Your Marketing Representative:

When you purchase items 3 and/or 4 A Marketing Representative will be assigned to you to market your site personally according to your company's targeted needs. Your Marketing Representative will work by your side or on your behalf to find the perfect terms, titles and descriptions that should be bid for.


Bidding Funds - Additional bidding funds will be needed above and beyond Scrank's pay schedule for items 3 and/or 4. This is because we would go to bat for our client and get in a bidding war over coveted words/phrases desired by our client.
Scrank is not profiting from these additional funds. These additional charges would be for per click rates on terms chosen by you and your personal Marketing Representative. Your Marketing Representative would inform you of word/phrase costs before actually bidding on them.

Retain Your Marketing Representative - Retaining your Marketing Representative weekly is suggested to maintain ranking positions attained. He will continually check to see if your competitors are out bidding you. He will keep in touch with you and send you reports regularly.






Choose the RightPayment Plan for Your Needs.

Scrank offers two payment plans for you to choose from so you can find the one that best fits your needs. We recommend the Fixed Budget plan for most advertisers because it's easy to use and can benefit your advertising plan by ensuring uninterrupted service with minimum account management.


    Fixed Budget - You set a monthly budget that you want to spend. If your balance reaches $0 before the end of the month, your search listing will be taken offline until the next month.

    Pre-Payment - You choose when to add money to your account, giving you flexibility over the amount and timing of the deposits into your account. When your account is depleted, your listings will be taken offline until you add more money to your account. We will send an e-mail notification seven days in advance of this occurring, and again if your listings are taken offline.



Staying On Target:

The above assignments should not take longer then the time mentioned above.
When more hours are used for any given project the client will be charged an additional $99 per/hr for services.
Generally when a client is available to his Marketing Representative in a timely fashion no additional charges are incurred.
However there are cases when a client slows the ball from rolling smoothly and additional time is needed or lost.


Allow Scrank to Market Your Web Site
We are positive we can put you in an excellent position on the World Wide Web

Please feel free to contact us at your leisure